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Our Brand

Bringing Energy To Our World - The Right Way

A New Identity For A Transformed Company

Over the last few years, we've transformed our organization through a revised business strategy, a revamped portfolio of top-tier assets, and our renewed commitment to 'Bringing Energy To Our World - The Right Way'. We are excited to introduce our new name and visual identity to represent the culmination of our remarkable transformation. Our new brand speaks to who we are and how we embody 'Bringing Energy To Our World - The Right Way'.

What's In A Name?

What our name represents is quite simple. VER is borrowed from the Latin word 'Veritas' meaning truth. EN represents energy which is at the core of our business. Veren (truth + energy) is a simple, yet powerful name that represents who we are, what we do, and how we do it.

Our Identity

Our new symbol is visually linked to our purpose statement of 'Bringing Energy To Our World - The Right Way'. Three shaded burst of energy disperse across the logo (Bringing Energy) in an upward or forward progression (The Right Way). The symbol is enclosed within a cricle representing our world while also forming a 'V'.

Our Purpose

What does 'Bringing Energy To Our World - The Right Way' mean? 

Bringing Energy

Holistic approach to the energy sector

Operational excellence through innovation and the energy of our people

Collaborative and entrepreneurial spirit to develop our assets

To Our World

Recognizing our stakeholders that help make our business successful

Commitment to investing in our local communities and forming long-term partnerships

Realizing the world needs energy - and more of it

The Right Way

Disciplined business strategy and capital allocation

Strong safety culture and environmental stewardship

Trustworthy, ethical and accountable organization