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Our responsibility to environmental, social and governance standards is always top of mind.

ESG Is Part of Everything We Do

Our business decisions are guided by our key pillars of enhancing balance sheet strength and sustainability and ESG plays an important role in the execution of our strategy. As such, we continue to embed ESG throughout all parts of our business, including our capital budgeting process, portfolio strategy and employee compensation.

ESG Reporting

We are committed to enhancing our ESG reporting and ensuring we maintain robust practices, set meaningful targets and report accurate, relevant performance data and information. View all of our Sustainability reports and associated ESG reporting:

Our ESG Targets

We have met, are on track or ahead of schedule on all of our ESG targets.


Achieve combined scope 1 and 2 emissions intensity of 0.020 tCO2e/boe by 2030

Achieve combined scope 1 and 2 emissions intensity of 0.024 tC02e/boe by 2025


50% reduction in surface freshwater in SE Saskatchewan completions by 2025

Develop strategic water management plan for major operating areas


Reduce inactive well inventory by 30% by 2031


Review and enforce our Working Alone System by year-end 2023

Provide mental health first aid support by year-end 2023

Indigenous Engagement

Indigenous awareness training by year-end 2024


Our environmental targets are based on our ESG priority performance areas of GHG emissions, asset integrity and asset retirement and water use.


Our greatest responsibility is ensuring the safety and well-being of our employees, contractors and community partners. Our safety performance demonstrates our track record of continued performance improvement. This is just one aspect of our social focus.


Our governance model ensures strong oversight of ESG risks and opportunities. We routinely assess the oversight of key issues to ensure we mitigate risk and capitalize on opportunities. We also continue to evolve our transparency and disclosure to give investors and stakeholders greater insight into our decision making and priority focus areas.