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Veren Commits $2 Million to Alberta Cancer Foundation to Enhance Provincial Patient Navigation Program

Apr 5, 2024 Community Investment , Environment, Social and Governance

Veren proudly dedicates substantial human and financial resources to the communities where the company lives and operates. Recently, the company proudly donated $2 million to the Alberta Cancer Foundation, dedicated to supporting the Provincial Patient Navigation Program. This initiative aims to address the unique challenges faced by cancer patients and their families in rural Alberta as they navigate through the complexities of the healthcare system.

For some cancer patients and their families located in rural Alberta, additional hurdles such as coordinating care between local cancer centers and larger city facilities, dealing with social worker availability, and accessing rehabilitation services can be challenging. Recognizing this, the Alberta Cancer Foundation established the Patient Navigation Program, a provincial initiative supporting 15 regional and community cancer centers across Alberta.

The program employs registered nurses with specialized training in cancer care who serve as patient navigation staff. These dedicated professionals guide rural patients through the health system, offering crucial assistance in accessing resources and community supports. The program has further evolved to meet the unique needs of adolescents, young adults and Indigenous people, with specific navigation roles tailored to these demographics.

Over the past year, the Patient Navigation Program has made a significant impact on the lives of cancer patients in Alberta. Approximately 6,500 patients have benefited from the program, with each patient connecting with navigation staff at least four times. This translates to 30,000 patient interactions, highlighting the program's consistent support for those navigating the challenges of cancer care. Furthermore, as approximately 60,000 Albertans received treatment in their local cancer centers, the Patient Navigation Program has proven instrumental in enhancing the overall healthcare experience for a substantial portion of the population.

Beyond the invaluable support provided to those in need, the Patient Navigation Program has demonstrated cost-effectiveness by an estimated savings of at least $1 million to the health system. This achievement is attributed to the program's success in reducing visits to family physicians and emergency rooms for non-emergency issues. By streamlining the healthcare journey and ensuring appropriate utilization of resources, the program has not only improved patient outcomes but also contributed to the overall efficiency of the healthcare system.

Veren’s commitment to the Alberta Cancer Foundation reflects a dedication to improving the lives of cancer patients in rural Alberta. The impact of the contribution is evident in the success of the Patient Navigation Program, which continues to provide vital support and guidance to individuals and families facing the challenges of cancer.

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